Over the past two decades, Ohio libraries and cultural heritage institutions have built extensive digital collections through projects such as Ohio Memory and the Ohio Digitization Hubs project. Ohio colleges and universities have also built a large and diverse set of digital collections. Digitization of materials allows greater access to important and unique resources for the benefit of scholarly and personal research. As libraries and cultural heritage institutions evaluate services for a 21st century audience, there is a clear expectation that special collections be available electronically.

Despite all of the efforts to digitize collections, Ohio does not have a one-stop place where users can search across all digital collections. While some regional partnerships have been established, the focus has been on regional or field-specific collaborations rather than on a statewide infrastructure for sharing metadata. Library users must go to dozens of Web sites in order to search for all of Ohio’s digitized cultural heritage.

The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) is an all-digital library that aggregates metadata and thumbnails for millions of photographs, manuscripts, books, sounds, moving images, and more from libraries, archives, and museums around the United States. In September 2012, DPLA began an effort to establish a national network of "Service Hubs" that will include over 40 state or regional digital collaboratives, numerous large content repositories, and other promising digital initiatives currently in operation throughout the US. Service Hubs provide DPLA with their partners’ unique metadata records that resolve to digital objects (online texts, photographs, manuscript material, art work, etc.) through a single data feed.

We need a DPLA Service Hub in Ohio, to facilitate creation of one portal where users can search across all Ohio digital collections, and to better expose Ohio's rich digital collections to the world.

In many states, there is one entity that is the obvious organization to become the Service Hub that brings other organizations in to DPLA. In Ohio, however, we are fortunate to have dozens of regional collaboratives. In order to create an Ohio DLPA Service Hub, a distributed model that involves many organizations needs to be developed in order to accommodate Ohio’s diverse regions, types of libraries and communities of practice.

This website is the home of the DPLA in Ohio Project. The goal of the DPLA in Ohio Project is to establish a roadmap for Ohio institutions to participate in the DPLA through establishment of a Service Hub.